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Dentures: The Answers You Need to the Questions You'd Rather Not Ask

You should learn everything you can about what your smile makeover will entail, even if this means asking questions about things you might be worried about. Dentures can affect your self-esteem, your comfort level, and your ability to eat or speak properly. Keep reading for the answers you need to the questions you’d rather not ask.

Will they ruin my love life?

Before you talk to your dentist about dentures, you’ll probably wonder how this kind of treatment will change your life. You might be especially paranoid if you’ve never kissed someone with dentures or kissed someone while wearing them. If you know what it takes to keep your dentures in place, your new prosthetic restoration should only improve your love life.

What if my dentures become loose?

Since dentures are not actually anchored to your jawbone, it is possible for them to slip around from time to time. This usually happens because the wrong adhesive is being used to hold the dentures to the gums. If your dentures are starting to feel loose and uncomfortable, ask your dentist which kind of adhesive is best. You might also have problems with dentures that aren’t sized properly, and your dentist can help you solve them as well.

Is eating or speaking going to be more difficult?

If your dentures fit properly and you use the right adhesive, then you shouldn’t have any trouble keeping them still in your mouth. Speaking and chewing only become a problem when dentures start sliding around in the mouth. They might take a little while to get used to in general once you start wearing them, but the learning curve for adjusting to dentures doesn’t tend to be very steep.

Sometimes the questions that are hardest to ask are also the most important ones, and your dentist will have the answers when you need them. Dentures in Manhattan can improve your health and your appearance, but you should know how to take care of them. Call Dr. Michael J. Wei at (212) 982-4080 to have your questions answered.


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