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What Patients Should Know About Gum Disease

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Gum disease is a dangerous condition that dentists must fight on a daily basis. Gum disease can cause you to lose your teeth and even damage your overall health. Learn more about gum disease and see why you should visit your dentist soon. Here is what you should know about gum disease:

It can affect your overall health.
Your mouth is home to both good and bad bacteria, and the bacteria does not always stay in your mouth. Bacteria travels through your bloodstream and throughout your body. If you have gum disease, then your mouth has higher levels of bad bacteria and infection that is being spread to your bloodstream. These bad bacteria can potentially increase your risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. You may also be at a higher risk of contracting viruses and infections, because gum disease lowers your immune system.

It can result in lost teeth.
Gum disease affects your gums by destroying the connective tissues that hold your gums to your teeth. If you have the later stages of gum disease, known as periodontitis, then you may notice your teeth shifting or feeling loose. This is a common symptom of gum disease, and it means that your gums are losing their hold on your teeth. Gum disease can progress enough that your dentist may need to remove unhealthy, loose teeth in order to save your gums and healthy teeth.

It can be reversed in its early stages.
Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease, and it is the only level that can be reversed. If you have gingivitis, then you might notice your gums appear red, swollen, and bleed when you brush or floss. In order to fight gingivitis, you must visit your dentist for regular dental checkups and maintain a healthy, daily dental routine.

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