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Why Your Dentist Should Know About Your Migraines

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You might be surprised at how much crossover there is between different aspects of your health. Although you might not think of your dentist when you suffer from a migraine, you could be experiencing the symptom of an oral health issue that he or she can treat you for. Read ahead and see why your dentist should know about your migraines.

Link to Oral Health Problems
Not everyone realizes that the different bodily systems affect each other in all kinds of ways. If you wake up with a migraine, your dentist might not be the first person you’d think to call. What you may not realize is that migraines are a symptom of TMD, or temporomandibular joint disorder. This occurs when the joint that connects your jaw to the rest of your skull causes you pain, which sometimes occurs in the form of a migraine. Regular migraines can bring down your quality of life, so call your dentist if this is a recurring problem.

Treatment Planning and Education
Your dentist can’t help you with problems he or she doesn’t know about, which is one reason it’s so important that you visit the dental office regularly. When you tell your dentist about your migraines, you can focus on figuring out why they’re happening. Your dentist will look for symptoms of TMD and ask you questions about how you’ve been feeling otherwise. The 2 of you can figure out what the problem is, how to treat it, and what you should know about it.

Alleviation of Symptoms
All it takes is 1 severe migraine to ruin your day and bring down your mood as well as your productivity. When your dentist knows about your migraines, he or she can work with you to treat the symptoms. TMD treatment can help to reduce your migraines, stop your jaw from clicking, and prevent teeth grinding.

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