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Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Veneers

Porcelain veneers can change the appearance of your teeth and make you proud to show off your smile. Once you get your veneers, your dentist will give you advice on how to keep them looking their best. These tips will also help you make the most of your smile makeover and keep your porcelain veneers in top condition.

Watch What You Chew

Do you have a habit of chewing on pens, biting your nails, or chomping on other things that aren’t really meant for chewing? If so, you could be putting your veneers at risk. Although your veneers are strong, over time, chewing on pens and other hard items will do damage to your veneers and may lead to the need for replacement veneers. Stick to chewing food only, and break those habits that could harm your veneers.

Stay Away from Foods and Drinks That Stain

The good news for your smile is that porcelain veneers are stain-resistant. Unfortunately, the rest of your teeth aren’t. Coffee, red wine, berries, tea, and other foods and beverages that cause staining will discolor the areas where your veneers and your teeth meet, creating lines of discoloration. Over time, your veneers themselves may become more vulnerable to stains as well. The best policy to prevent discoloration is to limit the amount of staining foods and drinks that you consume.

Consider a Mouth Guard

Teeth grinding and contact sports put your teeth at risk, and they can also cause damage to your veneers. If you play sports, wear a mouth guard during every game. If you think you could be grinding your teeth when you sleep, talk to your dentist about getting a mouth guard you can wear at night.

Dr. Michael J. Wei is pleased to offer customized smile makeovers in Manhattan, providing the cosmetic dentistry treatments you need to fix the concerns you have about your teeth. Make an appointment for a cosmetic dentistry consultation by calling (212) 982-4080.


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