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Exploring Treatment Options for Gum Disease

Gum disease can have a serious impact on your oral and your overall health. It can cause bleeding gums, pain, bad breath, and tooth loss. Gum disease can also raise blood sugar levels in those with diabetes, increase your risk of heart disease, and lead to low birth weight babies. When you visit your dentist’s office for a checkup, your dentist will examine your gums for signs of disease. If he diagnoses you with gum disease, there are several treatment plans that can help to restore your health.

Oral Hygiene Routine

In early stages, improving your oral hygiene routine may reverse gum disease. Your dentist will describe ways to boost your brushing and flossing techniques to ensure you adequately remove plaque and bacteria from around your gums. He may also recommend a toothpaste or oral rinse for you to try. Remember that part of a good oral hygiene routine involves trips to the dentist every six months for cleanings to deal with tartar—which is calcified plaque that can only be removed by a dentist.

Scaling and Planing

Scaling and planing is an intensive type of cleaning performed by your dentist. It is usually recommended when gum disease has progressed past the point at which home care can be effective. During scaling and planing, plaque and bacteria are scraped out from pockets between your teeth and gums to allow your gums to heal. In some cases, your dentist may apply an antibacterial gel while performing this treatment.


In serious cases of advanced gum disease, surgery may be necessary. There are a number of different procedures that can be used to treat gum disease, including tissue grafting and flap surgery. Your dentist will explain which procedure is right for you.

Don’t let gum disease rob you of good health. Visit Dr. Michael J. Wei’s dental office in Manhattan for a checkup and cleaning to find out if your gums are healthy and what you can do to keep them that way. Call (212) 982-4080 to learn more about all of our dental services.


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