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Signs That You Could Be Grinding Your Teeth

Grinding your teeth is something you could be doing unconsciously—you may even be doing it while you’re sleeping. Although you may not notice at first that you are grinding your teeth, the signs may eventually show up as discomfort and tooth damage. Fortunately, your dentist can help you protect your teeth from grinding—also called bruxism—and reduce the pain that accompanies it. If you notice these symptoms, consider making an appointment with your dentist.

Muscle Soreness

If you’re grinding your teeth, you’re giving the muscles in your face, neck, and jaw a workout. You may begin to notice that your face and neck feel sore and achy without understanding why. If you have these symptoms, there is a good chance that your muscles are tired and inflamed because you are grinding your teeth. For persistent, unexplained aches and pains around your face, jaw, and neck, consider seeing your dentist for bruxism treatment.

Damaged Teeth

Damage from teeth grinding doesn’t occur right away, but over time, teeth may become flattened, and they may chip or break. With a severe case of bruxism, you may even cause your teeth to become loose. Any kind of damage to your teeth should be evaluated by your dentist to determine if you need a porcelain tooth crown or other treatment. Keep in mind that even if you can’t see damage, any change in your bite or the way your teeth fit together can indicate a problem.

Sleep Partner Complaints

People who grind their teeth at night often don’t know about it until their sleeping partners tell them about the sound. Teeth grinding can frequently be loud enough to wake your partner up, even if you sleep through it.

Teeth grinding can cause pain and damage, but Dr. Michael J. Wei can help you protect your teeth with a night guard. If you believe you could be grinding your teeth, contact our dentist’s office in Manhattan today by calling (212) 982-4080.


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