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Problems Associated with Tooth Loss

Tooth loss, which is often the result of untreated periodontal disease, has a number of harmful consequences om oral health and overall wellness. If you have missing teeth, consider talking to a cosmetic dentist about your treatment options, such as dental implants or dentures. In the meantime, watch this video presented by the American Dental Association to learn more about the problems associated with tooth loss.

This dentist explains that patients with missing teeth tend to eat more processed foods and fewer vegetables and fruits. This can increase the risk of systemic health problems such as heart disease.

If you have missing teeth, you can find a suitable solution by scheduling a smile makeover in Manhattan at the office of Dr. Michael J. Wei. Call (212) 982-4080 to request a consult with our cosmetic dentist.

Why You Should Choose Dr. Wei for Your New Dentures

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Dentures are an excellent option for replacing missing teeth, but only if they are created correctly. To ensure your complete satisfaction with your new dentures, you can turn to Dr. Michael J. Wei—a cosmetic dentist in Manhattan. Dr. Wei has been widely recognized as being among the top cosmetic dentists in the area. He has received multiple awards for his superior dedication to his work.

Patients have been visiting Dr. Wei’s office for smile makeovers for more than 16 years, not only because of his renowned expertise, but also because of the world-class laboratory support available. And unlike most cosmetic dentists, Dr. Wei backs his exceptional results with an ironclad warranty. Problems with dentures are extremely rare among Dr. Wei’s patients, but in the event an issue does occur, Dr. Wei will correct it right away without charging any additional fees.

Everyone deserves a complete and beautiful smile. Call the Manhattan office of Dr. Michael J. Wei today at (212) 982-4080 for more information.

Taking Good Care of Your Dentures

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For patients who are missing several or all of their teeth, dentists often recommend dentures to restore their smile and dental function. If you wear dentures, then continue reading for tips on caring for this type of tooth replacement.

Handle with CareWhen you rely on your dentures to eat and speak comfortably and smile with confidence, it is important to use caution when handling them to help keep them in great condition. To avoid dropping and breaking your dentures, work over a sink filled with water or a folded towel when cleaning or otherwise handling them.

Clean them Regularly
As with your natural teeth, your dentures should be cleaned daily to keep them looking good long-term. Using a soft bristled toothbrush and a mild soap or denture cleaner, remove your dentures and scrub each of their surfaces at night before going to bed. To prevent your dentures from warping and changing shape, never soak your dentures in hot water.

Store them Properly
To maintain your dentures, you should keep them moist at all times and, to help prevent plaque and calculus buildup, they should not be worn overnight. For these reasons, you should store your dentures in a bath of denture cleanser or water after cleaning them in the evening. However, if your dentures have any metal parts, then it’s possible for them to tarnish when left to soak, so speak with your dentist about the best way to store your type of dentures when they aren’t in use.

Visit Your Dentist
Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that, over time, you will need to see your dentist about denture maintenance. Your jaw may change in shape and require that adjustments be made to the dentures for them to fit properly. Also, the dentures can suffer from wear and may eventually need to be relined, rebased, or replaced.

Dr. Michael J. Wei specializes in a broad range of dental treatments, including restorative and prosthetic dentistry. If you’re in need of dentures in Manhattan, then call (212) 982-4080 to schedule your appointment.

Evaluations Included in Our New Patient Exams

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If you recently moved to a new area or are feeling unsatisfied with your current level of treatment, then you may find choosing a new dentist to be a challenge. However, if you are in Manhattan, then you could benefit from scheduling an appointment with dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei, who offers complementary consultations and exams for all new patients.

When you schedule a new patient exam with Dr. Wei, you will receive a range of evaluations that include a complete dental exam, bite analysis, TMJ exam, gum disease screening, and oral cancer screening. Also, Dr. Wei will evaluate the color of your teeth in case you are interested in teeth whitening treatments, and he will also provide you with a free consultation for cosmetic and dental implant procedures.

Are you looking for a skilled, experienced, and compassionate dentist serving Manhattan? If so, then call Dr. Michael J. Wei today at (212) 982-4080 to schedule your free examination and consultation.

Get Ready for the Holidays with a Custom Smile Makeover

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Once the weather cools and the leaves begin to turn, many people make plans to meet family and friends for the holidays and, if you’re like most individuals, then you like to look your best for these occasions. If you’re dissatisfied with the appearance of your teeth and want to enhance your smile, then there are a few steps that you can expect when you visit your dentist for a custom smile makeover.

Initial Consultation
During your first visit, your dentist will perform a thorough examination of your mouth and will then speak with you about your treatment goals. If there is any aspect of your smile that you are particularly concerned about, then take this opportunity to let your dentist know what improvements you would like to see. During this initial consultation, you and your dentist will develop a treatment plan to enhance the overall appearance of your teeth and provide you with a smile that you can feel more confident about.

Dental Treatments
Your smile makeover may consist of restorative or cosmetic dentistry treatments or both and, depending on what you and your dentist agreed upon, completing this part of the smile makeover process may require multiple appointments. Some examples of procedures that might be performed at this stage include replacing mercury amalgam fillings with tooth-colored ones, applying dental veneers, and placing porcelain crowns or dental implants.

Teeth Whitening
Finally, among the most popular treatment options to include in a custom smile makeover is professional teeth whitening. This procedure alone can do a great deal to enhance your smile by providing you with noticeably whiter teeth in a single session. Through teeth whitening treatments, your dentist can make your teeth appear up to 10 shades whiter, making it an ideal option for patients who want to improve their smile.

Are you hoping to enhance the look of your teeth before visiting friends and family for the holidays? If so, then come and see Dr. Michael J. Wei, who offers beautiful smile makeovers near Manhattan. Please call (212) 982-4080 to schedule your initial visit.

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