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A Step-by-Step Guide to the Porcelain Veneer Process

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Your cosmetic dentist may recommend porcelain veneers if you have broken or chipped teeth or if you have stains that cannot be removed during traditional teeth whitening treatments. Veneers create a bright, white smile and make your teeth appear uniform in size and spacing. Here is a look at what you can expect if you undergo treatment with porcelain veneers.

During your first visit, your cosmetic dentist will examine your natural teeth while noting other factors that influence the appearance of your smile, including your facial features, age, skin tone, and facial shape and symmetry. He or she may also take impressions of your teeth to create a wax model of what your smile could look like after treatment. This information is all used to design porcelain veneers that will look natural and complement your features.

Teeth Preparation
At your second appointment, your cosmetic dentist will remove a small portion of tooth enamel to allow your veneers to be sealed securely to your teeth. Once the enamel is removed, a new impression of your teeth will be taken and sent to a lab with specific instructions about how to craft your veneers. You may be given temporary veneers to wear for a few weeks so you can provide feedback to your dentist about any tweaks that need to be made to the size, shape, or color of your final veneers.

Veneer Placement
Your final appointment is reserved for placing your final veneers. They will be bonded to your teeth with resin cement, after your dentist has ensured that you are satisfied with the color, shape, and fit of the veneers. Once the resin cement is cured, your veneers will be completely secure and durable.

If you’re interested in porcelain veneers, make an appointment with Manhattan dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei. Dr. Wei is in demand in NYC for his expertise in cosmetic dentistry treatments, including porcelain veneers. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call (212) 982-4080.

Should You Consider Sedation Dentistry?

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If you suffer from dental anxiety, you’re not alone. Fortunately, you no longer have to deal with the stress you’re used to every time you visit the dentist office or skip necessary treatments because of your nervousness. Sedation dentistry lets you get the care you need from your dentist in complete comfort and relaxation. Is it right for you? Here is what you need to know.

Sedation dentistry involves the use of medical treatments that allow you to relax while remaining conscious during dental treatment. With sedation, you can get necessary treatments and even cosmetic dentistry procedures without pain, fear, or discomfort. Sedation also makes it easer for your dentist to combine treatments into a single appointment, which means you have to make fewer trips to the dentist’s office.

The first step in sedation dentistry is talking to your provider. Make an appointment with Dr. Michael J. Wei in Manhattan to find out if you are a candidate for one of your sedation options. To schedule a consultation, please call (212) 982-4080.

Highlighting Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Options

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Cosmetic dentistry has become a necessity for patients who wish to correct the look and function of their teeth. Patients can use porcelain veneers, Snap-On Smile® appliances, and tooth bonding to give them a new smile that is also functional. Continue reading to see some popular, and helpful, cosmetic dentistry options.

Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening is one of the most popular and easiest procedures found in cosmetic dentistry. It can be done with gel-filled trays, bleaching lights, and bleaching strips. It is between the patient and her dentist to determine which teeth whitening option will be the most effective.

Porcelain Veneers
Porcelain veneers are often used to cover teeth that have been damaged by irreparable staining, cracks, and chips. Veneers can also cover severely gapped teeth, if the patient does not want to utilize Invisalign braces or another orthodontic appliance. Once the patient has decided on porcelain veneers, a cosmetic dentist will create a custom, tooth-colored cap that will cover the affected tooth or teeth. The dentist will shave off a thin portion of the tooth and glue the veneer in place.

Tooth Bonding
Tooth bonding fills in chips, gaps, or jagged edges. This procedure requires a tooth-colored composite resin that is applied to the affected area. The dentist will then cure and seal the resin with a special light. Then, he will polish and sculpt the resin to ensure it corrects the chip or jagged edge.

Snap-On Smile ®
Snap-On Smile® is a quick way to correct a smile with large gaps, chips, or staining. This appliance is modeled after the patient’s own teeth, and the patient can snap on a thin set of beautiful, artificial teeth over her current teeth. The patient can then snap off the appliance whenever she needs.

Dr. Michael J. Wei is one of New York’s sought-after cosmetic dentists because of his broad expertise in cosmetic dental procedures. Please call our dentist’s office in Manhattan at (212) 982-4080 to learn more about the dental services we offer.

How Crooked Teeth Can Affect More Than Your Appearance

Crooked and gapped teeth should never be ignored, because they can result in severe dental issues and health problems. If you have crooked teeth, then speak with your dentist about Invisalign braces soon. Continue reading to see how crooked teeth can affect more than your appearance.

As you can see in the short video, crooked teeth are not as healthy as straightened teeth. You may have a healthy dental routine and visit your dentist regularly, but crooked teeth can collect bacteria and decay in areas you cannot reach with a toothbrush. However, straightening your teeth can make all areas of your teeth accessible and easier to care for.

To learn more about Invisalign braces in Manhattan, call Dr. Michael J. Wei’s office at (212) 982-4080. Dr. Wei offers smile makeovers to correct and brighten your smile, so you can always feel healthy and confident.

Which Dental Issues Can Be Fixed with Porcelain Veneers?

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Porcelain veneers are an integral element of cosmetic dentistry. These tooth-colored restorations are applied to the teeth to correct a multitude of problems, such as tooth stains and gaps. Read on to see which cosmetic dental issues can be solved with porcelain veneers.

  • Teeth that are heavily stained—possibly due to illness, advanced age, or smoking—can benefit from porcelain veneers. Cosmetic dentists may try teeth whitening first, but some staining will not respond to chemical whitening solutions. Dentists will then suggest veneers.
  • Front teeth that have chips or cracks can be corrected with porcelain veneers. Veneers can only be placed on the front teeth, but chipped molars may be repaired with tooth bonding or dental crowns.
  • Gapped teeth can be covered with porcelain veneers. When a patient does not want to use Invisalign braces to correct their gapped teeth, then a dentist may suggest veneers. This will restore the look and function of gapped front teeth.

Trust Dr. Michael J. Wei to deliver amazing results with porcelain veneers near Manhattan. Call our dentist’s office at (212) 982-4080 to schedule a consultation for porcelain veneers.

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