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Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei is a top dentist specializing in general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry including smile makeovers, invisalign braces, dental implants and more.

New York City Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei Providing Smile Makeovers

Dr. Michael J. Wei, DDS is a New York City and Manhattan-area Cosmetic Dentist who is providing “perfect smiles” with “smile makeover” cosmetic dentistry for New York City-area patients.

Patients who have damaged, misaligned or decayed teeth that make it embarrassing to smile are now getting brighter, whiter more attractive smiles that makes them look and feel great.

 “In just two visits we are providing perfect, custom-made smiles made to our patients desires,” stated Dr. Michael J. Wei, DDS. “Our patients are amazed at the transformation that their new smile makeover gives to their appearance and their self-confidence.”

Smile makeover cosmetic dentistry provides many advantages:

* Can be used to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth;

* Can whiten stained or discolored teeth for a bright, white natural-looking smile;

* Can be sculpted to the correct shape of your tooth for optimal appearance and bite;

* Are a painless procedure with sedation dentistry services.

For more information about the cosmetic dentistry services offered by Dr. Michael J. Wei or to schedule your complimentary consultation, call (212) 982-4080.

Smile Makeovers in New York City & Manhattan

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About Dr. Michael J. Wei, DDS - Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist

Manhattan New York City dentist Dr. Michael J. Wei is a Top-Ranked NYC dentist specializing in general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry including smile makeovers, invisalign braces, dental implants, porcelain dental crowns, porcelain veneers and more. Call 212-982-4080 for your free consultation or appointment. www.MyManhattanCosmeticDentist.com

Introduction to Tooth Whitening

There are a variety of cosmetic dental procedures to choose for your smile makeover. Before consulting your dentist about tooth whitening, do some research and watch this video to learn more about tooth whitening basics.

Tooth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure designed to lighten the surface of your teeth and remove stain from your enamel. Tooth whitening improves not only the appearance of your smile, but increases your confidence to show it off. If you frequently drink colored beverages such as coffee, soda and red wines, then tooth whitening could be beneficial for you. There are certain restrictions for tooth whitening patients, so ask your dentist if you are a viable candidate.

If you’re ready to begin your tooth whitening treatment, then call the cosmetic dental experts at the office of Dr. Michael J Wei. We offer tooth whitening, veneers and a variety of other cosmetic dental procedures. Call us today at (212) 982-4080.

Snap-On Smile

Are your teeth less than perfect?  Would you love to transform your looks with a Hollywood smile makeover?  Well, creating a stunning, Hollywood smile could cost as much as $10,000 and could involve drilling, shots, and having your teeth ground down to stumps!

No more!  Now there’s an incredible breakthrough in dental technology: it’s Snap-On Smile!  An ultra-thin, professional dental product that’s custom made, to give you an instant, removable, stunningly-white, natural-looking smile.  And all it takes is two dentist visits!

If you are looking for a great Dentist, then come to the office of Dr. Michael J. Wei. With an array of services, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable throughout your visit. We provide Cerinate Lumineers, Invisalign, and cosmetic tooth bonding. Contact us to learn more by calling (212) 982-4080 or visit our website for more information.

Top Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Are you considering talking to your dentist about a cosmetic dentistry procedure? Learn about the available cosmetic dental treatments so that you can have an informed discussion with your doctor about what best suits your needs.

  • Veneers

Porcelain and composite veneers are great cosmetic dental solutions for many people. Porcelain veneers are specially shaped to mold to your teeth and are anchored over your natural enamel. These coatings improve both the shape and the color of your teeth. Many celebrities and cosmetic dental patients request veneers for their ability to completely transform the smile.

  • Crowns

Dental crowns are the ideal solution for most structural damage to your teeth. Dental crowns add strength, endurance and stability to your decaying or worn teeth. If you grind your teeth or have broken and cracked teeth, then consider asking your dentist about a dental crown to improve their cosmetic appearance.

  • Invisalign Braces

Among the variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures available today, Invisalign braces are one of the most popular solutions. Braces are typically associated with metal, adolescence, and restricted diets. Invisalign braces redefine dental correction for adults. They are an invisible and removable tool to help straighten your teeth while keeping you comfortable as they work.

  • Tooth Bonding

If you have noticed your teeth rotting or decaying at a rapid rate, then tooth bonding could be the solution for you. By bonding your teeth, your dentist will restore a healthy shape and color to your smile. During a tooth bonding cosmetic procedure, your dentist inserts a composite resin filling to your front and back teeth.

  • Teeth Whitening

If you are an avid coffee drinker, then consider whitening your teeth. Having your teeth professionally whitened by your dentist ensures a quality treatment and long lasting results. With a brighter and whiter smile, you’ll be feeling more confident.

If you’d like to speak to a dentist about cosmetic dentistry procedures, then call the offices of Dr. Michael J. Wei. We offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures to suit your needs. Call us to schedule an appointment today at (212) 982-4080.

Experiencing Pain-Free Root Canal Therapy with Modern Dentistry

While there are many myths surrounding root canal treatment, pain-free therapy does exist! Learn more about the miracle of painless root canal therapy and how it can help relieve your dental ailment.

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What is a Root Canal?

A tooth infection can spread to the root of your tooth, and if this occurs, a root canal is necessary to save the tooth. During root canal surgery, the infected nerve tissue is removed from the tooth. Many patients complain of pain associated with root canal surgery, but the pain is actually caused by the infection itself. In fact, a root canal relieves your pain and prevents your infection and pain from worsening. The procedure itself is often simple and painless, especially with the continuing advancements of dental technology.

More Efficient Procedures

The advances in dental procedures and technology have not only made dentists more efficient, but they make your treatments less painful. Most procedures, including a root canal, use some form of a drill or a laser. A laser surgery for a dental procedure is less bloody and requires fewer incisions and sedatives for the patient. Laser surgeries are also much more efficient in locating and removing the infection of a root canal.

Kinder Dentists

In addition to the technological advancements, root canal therapy is now much less painful as a result of the dentists themselves. Dentists today are kinder, and more aware of their patient’s pain tolerance. They take extra precautions to ensure that you understand what a root canal is and how treatment will help you. Simple techniques such as flavored laughing gas and flavored gloves allow for a much more pleasant dental visit.

Are you planning to schedule a root canal in the near future? Call the offices of Dr. Michael J Wei to experience his painless, expert treatment of your root canal. Call our office to schedule your appointment today at (212) 982-4080 or visit us at our convenient New York location.

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